5 Smart Tips to Select Baby Bed Sheets

It is very important to ensure that your baby has the most comfortable set of bedding pieces including bedcover, bedsheets, blankets, pillows and pillow covers etc. Selecting bedsheets for babies can be slightly tricky since options may be limited and your choice must take into account comfort, softness, durability and of course-price. So for your reference and help, the following is a list of the 5 useful tips to select baby bedsheets.

tips to select baby bed sheets

1. Safety First

The first thing that you must ensure is safety for the baby. To ensure this, you can select those bedsheets that fit snugly on the corners of the bed and do not slip off. Loose sheets can definitely be a safety hazard and must be avoided as much as possible.  Also, you must select weather proof bedsheets which do not make your baby feel too hot or too cold.

2. Take Comfort into Account

It is important to take the comfort of your baby into account when selecting baby bedsheets. Look for those materials which you would rather select for your own bed. The material or fabric must feel soft and comfortable and should be fine for the sensitive skin of your baby.

3. Consider the Decor Factor

Make sure the bedsheets goes with the overall décor of the baby room. It must have the right size, color and design which is in accordance with the rest of the bedding pieces and baby furniture pieces. Choose classic colours and designs and make sure the patterns are colorful, playful and lift up the ambience of the room.

4. Buy a Few Sheets

You just cannot buy one sheet and be done with it. You must atleast have 2 or 3 sheets to ensure that you have something to spread when the first sheet is in washing. There are many companies which sell sheets in sets and you can opt for such sets as they prove to be economical options.

5. Invest in Complete Bedding Set

It is a good idea to invest in complete bedding set rather than buying baby bedsheets separately. This will not only ensure that everything matches each other but also proves to be more economical for you rather than buying everything separately. Most bedding sets consist of fitted sheets, crib bumpers, dust ruffle and a blanket. Some of them may also have pillows, cushions and other items suitable for baby cribs and beds.


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