Top Points to Consider When Buying a Travelling Cot

Whether you are visiting your child’s grandmother or travelling out of the city, you will find a travel cot very useful and comforting for your baby.  Not only will it make the trip very relaxing for the child but will keep you from worrying about finding the right bed for the child.

The cot ensures that the child sleeps well and in a familiar zone even outside his/her home and provides many others benefits. Not only is a travel cot very easy to pack but is also a must have baby accessory. But in order to ensure that you buy the right travelling cot, you must consider a few points. The following are the top points to consider:

points to consider when buying a travelling cotShould be Easy to Use

One of the first things to consider before buying a travelling cot is that it should be easy to use. It must be easy to assemble and de-assemble and should not be too heavy to carry.  If possible, ask the retailer for a demonstration of using the cot.

Should Come with Wheels and Carry-Bag

A good travelling cot is one which comes with attached wheels and a separate carry bag.  The wheels and the carry bag make the carrying of the cot a lot more easier and convenient.

Should Come with a Bassinet

Another feature of a travel cot which you must consider is that it must come with a bassinet. The basinet can be fit across the top of it and makes the cot a crib. This is very important if the baby is still very young and makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the baby.

Should have Machine Washable Covers

Another feature to look out for is the option of machine washable covers. The cot would probably be used a lot, would need to be carried from one place to another etc. and this can lead it to become dirty. This is why it must have covers that can be machine washed.  Fabric covers which are washable can be removed and used easily.

Good Quality

Make sure that the travel cot you buy is of good and high quality.  There are many substandard brands which may not be as sturdy and suitable for long term use. Go for one which is reputed, has got good reviews and is still not too expensive to afford.

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