Be Wise and Choose Organic Baby Blankets

There are some people asking why they should opt for organic baby blankets. Let’s just consider this: we are living in a world filled with chemicals, toxins, pesticides and so on. Isn’t it just natural for the parents to wish to protect their babies from these for as long as they can?

Why to have baby blankets that are organic

Organic Baby BlanketsToxins

When talking about fabrics that are organic it is just natural that we are referring to those fabrics that are grown in an herbicide and pesticide free atmosphere. This means that the fibers aren’t affected by any kind of toxins that the regular fabrics are exposed to.

Pure materials

The main point of the blankets for the baby that are organic is that they are made of organic materials, such as flannel, cotton and wool. Not so long ago such blankets were also produced of bamboo. It is important for the blankets not to have any added artificial fibers.

The health of the baby

If you are using organic baby blankets, you can be sure that the materials are clean and delicate to the sensitive skin of the baby. The materials don’t come with any chemical substances, irritants, or allergens that could lead to respiratory infections or breathing issues.


The green baby blankets are produced with healthy and eco dyes that don’t have any chemical substances. In the majority of the cases, these natural dyes also protect the pores and the skin of the baby. These blankets also come in a lot of different colors and styles.

Pure characteristics

The organic baby blankets come with pure characteristics. This means that the skin of the baby will be able to breathe, thus supporting natural and healthy airflow to the skin. Because of this the baby won’t be affected by skin rashes or eczemas caused by the blanket.

Absorbing characteristics

The baby blankets that are green made of natural materials like flannel, cotton and wool are absorbent. This means that they can absorb wetness without making the baby damp or chilly. This is especially important if the baby sweats to avoid him or her catching a cold.

Easy to clean and safe use

One of the best things about the organic baby blankets is that they don’t create clothes dust, fluff or other things that could interfere with the breathing of the baby. According to statistics, the babies who have blankets of this kind are less likely to be affected by sudden toddler dying syndrome.

The truth is that the blankets for the baby that are green could be more expensive than the regular blankets, but as you can see there are a lot of advantages that determine the parents to opt for blankets of this kind. The majority of the parents think that the safety and health of the baby are worth the investment that they make.

Now you can see why it would be worth to opt for organic baby blankets instead of the regular blankets; you will see the benefits on the long run.


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