Moving from Cribs to Toddler Beds

According to the professionals it is time to switch to toddler beds in case the little one is taller than 36 inches or if he or she is climbing out of the bed. This is a big moment for both the kids and the parents, because the children are taking another step towards their total independence.

When is the right time?

Cribs to Toddler Beds

In case you have an escape artist in your home, then it is time to make the switch. This usually occurs between the age of one and a half and three and a half.

Also you could consider how tall the little one is. In case he or she is already 36 inches tall, then it’s time to leave the crib behind. In case the kid is able to climb out, it might be dangerous for him or her.

Another important clue is whether the little one is able to use the toilet. It could be important for him or her to be able to get up on his or her own and go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

In case he or she needs help, some accidents could happen, which may be frustrating for both of you.

Naturally there is no reason to hurry the transition from the crib bedding. You could extend the use of the crib by lowering the mattress as much as possible. When the little one starts climbing, you should remove the bumper pad. An option to make sure that the little one cannot escape is to have a mesh crib tent. Naturally this also has some disadvantages.

Having a new baby

It is possible that you have to move the little one because a new baby is on the way. There are several ways to do this. One of them is to start the transition months before the baby is due so that the child will get used to the new setting.

You might not want to tell him or her that he or she has to give the crib to the other baby, because the little one could resent the baby for this. You should let him or her be excited about the new situation, and not because he is being pressed by time.

You could also start the transition after the baby arrived. Most probably at the beginning the baby will sleep in a bassinette anyway. This way the other child could enjoy the crib a little longer. This is the best choice in case the child is very young.

Making the change in the children’s bedding

When it is time to make the change, make sure that both you and the child are ready for this step. One of the options that you could use is to place the mattress of the crib on the floor.

In case of the beds, make sure to put the kids’ bedding in the place where the crib used to be so that the little one will be in the same setting.


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