Modern Nursery Bedding – Things to Keep in Mind

Time was that you probably inherited a baby bed from someone in the family and you were set as far as baby bedding went. Now however modern nursery bedding requires a lot of consideration and thought, in terms of suitability, longevity, safety of the child and a host of other factors.

Things to consider when buying modern nursery bedding –

modern-nursery-beddingBassinet, crib, or convertible cot?

A bassinet is something infants out grow shortly, whereas a convertible baby cot can grow along with a baby and covert into practically a full sized single bed.

However if you plan to co-sleep, aconvertible bed may not be the most practical of things.

Pink or blue or a neutral color?

There is no reason to restrict modern nursery bedding to the traditional boy or girl color schemes, rather you can choose gender neutral colors and prints or embroidery or even some fine appliqué work. Or you can have two sets of the bedding, after all babies are notorious for spit ups and other messes pretty much anytime and anywhere.

What all will you need?

Many baby beds or cots that you buy will come along with the mattress that is fitted to the size of the bed. What you will need is some sheets, a duvet, a bumper, and perhaps a bed skirt if you so fancy. Babies don’t need pillows, so there is really little need for pillow cases to be part of your set of modern nursery bedding to begin with.

Hypoallergenic, organic and so on

While it is true that bedding made from organic materials is likely to be more expensive, some parents feel that it is worth the extra expense to make sure that there have been no chemicals used for making the product, either at the growing or the manufacturing stage. For many parents the important thing is to use items made only from natural breathable fabric.

Parents who have a history of allergies or asthma in the family may want to look for hypoallergenic baby bedding so as to make it less likely to trigger any obvious or latent allergies.

Safety considerations to keep in mind for modern nursery bedding

Beware of products that have been designed to minimize suffocation hazards. The mattress in the bed should be snug fitting and the sheet on top should be securely tucked so there is no danger of it coming lose and harming baby. The bumper, duvet, blanket and so on should all conform to safety standardslaid down. Pick the sort of bedding that prevents baby from sliding down and under the bed clothes.

Other things to keep in mind when selecting modern nursery bedding

Keep baby’s bedding flexible, so that it can be reduced or increased as per the requirement in terms of room temperature, the season, the weather outside and so on. Rather than one heavy duvet, have several lighter blankets that can be pilled on or removed as required.

When putting the baby down for a sleep make sure that the feet are close to the foot of the bed, so that there is very little chance of the baby sliding down under the covers or blankets.


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