Cocalo Baby Bedding for Boys – Reviews and More

For every parent the well-being of the child is of utmost importance and for that they consider only best products for their child.

So they go for famous and quality products like Cocalo baby bedding for boys.

With these bedding pieces, they can be sure that the little ones won’t be cold and in the same time they will be surrounded by products of the highest quality.

Tropical Punch


This bedding set consists of 6 items and it comes with orange, pink and yellow colors in textured fabrics such as faux suede and sherpa. In order to make them look more interesting there are also some items decorated with polka dots. The products are lightweight and breathable so they are just perfect for the little boys.

Petit Tresor Nesting


Boy’s bedding from Cocalo is just perfect for the parents who don’t want gender specific bedding. In this case the items are made of satin fabric and there is a romantic color scheme used of ivory, light brown and baby blue that is suitable for both girls and boys.



The main point of this Cocalo baby bedding for boys is that it comes with colorful animal figures that peek out from different hiding places. There are different kinds of fabrics such as faux suede and soft velboa that come with checks and stripes. The pieces are decorated with embroidery and appliques.

Monkey Mania


When it comes to the boy’s Cocalo baby bedding you should know that they usually love animals, so the best thing you could do is to get them a blanket that comes in the shape of a monkey. In fact there is only the head of the monkey and the rest is made of a soft and warm blanket.

Monkey Mania crib set


Now that we’re at monkeys, there is also an 8 piece set available. The set consists of a striped dust ruffle, monkey quilt and a sheet so that the entire crib can have a monkey theme. Naturally the monkey blanket can complete the look.

Lil Aviator


This is a classic piece when it comes to the Cocalo baby boy’s bedding. It features classic airplanes and stars along with clouds and a cute teddy bear. The set comes with different prints and textures fabrics and there are also details of embroidery and appliques.

The good thing about the Cocalo baby bedding for boys is that there are a lot of options to choose from.


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