Know The Difference Between a Bassinet and a Crib

A new born baby or an infant spends most of his/her time sleeping and for this; you must provide him/her with a comfortable bed or space to sleep in. Selecting baby furniture can be a challenging task since there is so much to consider such as storage, comfort, price and size etc.

People often get confused between bassinets and cribs. To help you weigh the pros and cons of both these pieces of baby bed, we have brought for you a detailed comparison.

difference between a bassinet and a crib

  • Bassinets are compact size sleeping spaces for babies which are lightweight in nature. They are portable and can be moved around easily. They can be shifted from parent’s room to the nursery as and when the requirement demands. On the other hand, cribs are larger in size and come in various shapes and styles. In most cases, cribs are not portable since they are not very lightweight and can be attached with parent’s bed.
  • Bassinets have certain weight limits and may not be able to accommodate the baby after he/she grows in size and weight. Portable bassinets may move easily and may not be a very safe option for some houses. Cribs however do not have such weight limits and are relatively safer to use.
  • Bassinets last for not more than a few months after the baby’s birth but cribs can be used for children of even 3-4 years of age. For this reason, bassinets are less expensive than cribs.
  • Bassinets are available in many shapes, designs and styles. They are more like baskets and some of them even have net curtains around them. Cribs are like proper beds and are usually available in rectangular and square shapes.
  • While on one hand, cribs tend to have storage drawers and cupboards, bassinets offer no such option for storing baby’s toys, bed linen etc. Cribs thus serve more than once function whereas bassinets can only be used for one purpose.
  • Cribs can also be used as baby’s play area since there is enough space to keep in stuffed toys, games and rattles etc. Bassinets don’t really have much room to keep anything else.
  • Bassinets allow parents to be closer to their baby since they are portable however a crib may give the baby his own space and may make him self dependent.

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