Babies and Beds: Tips to Choose the Right One

Apprehension and safety of a baby to a new mother is of extreme importance and priority. New born babies are prone to Sudden Infant Death Syndromes or SIDS. To completely avoid such symptoms and mishaps we should be extra careful with the baby beddings. Here are some great ways to protect your new born babies from any kind of potential health dangers:

babies and bedsIt is essential to remember to put your baby to sleep on its back and not its front, either in a cot or a Moses basket in your room for at least the first six months.

  • Do not cover your baby too much. Remember babies have naturally higher body temperature, which means that too much covering may result in overheating the baby’s natural body temperature. Also keep your baby out of direct sunlight. Try avoiding anything that might result in heating up your baby’s natural body temperature.
  • Avoid using a pillow for your baby. Babies need flat and firm surface to sleep.
  • Keep enough space in the cot so that if your baby wiggles down it would be able to do so comfortably.
  • Remember the safest place for your baby is his/her cot and not in your bed. Never share your bed with your baby, especially if your or your partner smokes, it was a premature birth with a low birth weight, and your partner indulges in alcohol or is on medication.
  • Make sure your baby’s mattress is firm and flat and the entire bedding is light and minimal.
  • Make sure your baby’s cot is deep enough, and has bars around it of at least 45mm-65mm apart.
  • Your baby’s cot must not have any cut outs or steps.
  • For a Moses basket, make sure that its handles are sturdy and strong that meet in the middle.
  • You can also use your baby’s stroller carrycot as his/her bed. However, check with the retailer whether or not you need to buy a separate mattress for night-time sleeping.
  • Remember you do not need duvets and pillows for your baby until he/she is at least a year old. Cotton sheets and cotton cellular blankets are best for the first year of your baby.
  • Make sure your baby bedding does not exceed the temperature of 16 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Although sleeping bags are extremely popular among parents because babies can’t kick them off, however, remember that your baby might wake up because of extreme cold. Remember to line your baby sleeping bag well with cotton fabric before tucking your baby in. It is recommended to use sleeping bags only after your bay is a few weeks or months old.
  • If you are using a crib or a cot make sure that the cot is sturdy enough and should have smooth working moving parts if any to prevent clothing and fingers from being trapped accidentally.

With these few tips you can make sure that your baby is sleeping well and safely while you can take that much needed rest.


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