A Buyers Guide To Baby Bedding

babybeddingNewborns and babies spend most of their time sleeping and this is often done in their bassinette or crib.

It is important that the baby beddings you choose be not only comfortable but easy to care for and safe for baby.

Soft, Cotton Sheets

The best material to use when choosing your baby’s bedding is cotton. Cotton helps to maintain a temperature that is comfortable for baby.

You can layer cotton blankets taking some away when it is warm and wrapping baby up when it gets chillier. There are plenty of baby blankets and sheets to opt for when it comes to cotton bedding.

Cushions and Pillows

Though pillows, cushions and stuffed animals may look cute in your baby’s sleeping space, they can be dangerous [Baby Sleep]. It has been studied and reported that when there are stuffed animals, cushions and pillows in bed with baby it can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

If you want to put pillows and such things in your baby’s crib, be sure to take them out when it is time for baby to go to bed.

Sleeping Bags for Babies

One of the newest trends for baby bedding is baby sleeping bags. They are great because when baby is sleeping she can’t kick them off and will stay well wrapped during the night.

You should remember that a baby sleeping bag is not one that will be used for outdoor camping; instead it is used in place of a conventional blanket. You want to be sure that the sleeping bag is not so big that baby gets lost inside of it which will increase the risk of suffocation.

Cute & Sassy

There are so many themes for baby bedding. From princes and princesses to the latest in cartoon characters choosing baby bedding that you think will reflect your child’s unique personality, which can be a bit of a tough task.

You more than likely will choose baby bedding that you find cute and sassy but as baby gets older you will have to turn to baby bedding that your child prefers.

Television shows, Disney characters and themes such as nautical, forest creatures are all options when you go out shopping for your baby bedding.

The most important aspect of baby bedding is ease of care and comfort for the little one. No matter what type of baby bedding you choose make sure that your baby is comfy and cozy.


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