The Top 5 Most Common Myths about Twins

If you are someone who is expecting twins or has already had twins, then you should be ready with the answers to a lot of questions coming your way. Most of the times, there is a lot of fascination related to multiple births. People are curious to see how similar twins or triplets look and how their habits match each other’s. In this fascination and curiosity, often people have many misconceptions about twins.  The following are the 5 most common myths about twins that you might come across:

5 most common myths about twins1. They are Exactly like Each Other

This is the most common myth about twins. People assume that twins are one and the same and there is absolutely no different between them.  The real truth however is very different because no two people on the planet are completely alike. Twins too have their own personalities, choices, likes and dislikes. Inspite of many similarities, they are different and individual people.

2. One is Evil, other is Saint

Another myth related or linked to twins is that one of them is the ‘evil’ one and the other is the ‘saint’.  There is no such thing and it is unfair to think that all the goodness has been put into one of the multiples.  Infact labeling one twin good and the other bad can hurt them as they grow up.

3. Twins means Caesarean Delivery

Most people think that if you have twins, then you must have had a caesarean operation. While it is true that most multiple births are done through C-Sections but this rule cannot be generalized. It is both possible and common for twins to be born normally.

4. Twins means Double the Trouble

True, twins means double the work for parents but it may not necessarily mean that twins are double trouble. Many twins are actually sensible and quiet kids and may not create trouble for their parents. Ofcourse parents need to be extra careful while dealing with their twins but this doesn’t mean that the trouble increases in any way.

5. Identical Twins are Genetic

It is a common myth that those twins who are identical are always genetic but this is yet another random truth which is not correct at all. When a fertilized egg splits after conception, the identical twins that results is an unexplained occurrence in nature. Thus identical twins may not be genetic.


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