Top 5 Educational Toys for Toddlers

If you are looking for a toy for a toddler, you should make sure that it is an educational one. The parents are often looking for the top 5 educational toys for toddlers. Although there are a lot of products to choose from, there are some that you should really consider.

LeapFrog Musical Table

This table comes with educational and musical activities that will teach the child while having fun. It offers auditory and visual stimulation while improving the motor skills. The table can teach children about letters and numbers along with colors. Children can also learn about opposites with the help of the table.

Tupperware Toy Ball

This one of the best 5 educational toddlers’ toys is a multifunctional product that besides being a rattle, is also a shape sorter and it can teach children count. It works as a rattle since it has a lot of holes for the child to grab. There are ten pieces of different shapes that come with the toy for toddlers to learn about.

The interesting thing about this one of the top 5 educational toys for toddlers is that the pieces all have a number on one side and dots on the other side, according to the number, teaching preschoolers to count. The colors are simple and there are no other openings that would distract the child.

Playskool Ball Popper

In case you are searching for 5 educational toys for toddlers that are the best, think about this one. The main point is to use the power of air to pop balls into the air. The children will have to learn about how it works and where the balls will land, not to mention that they will also be thought about the colors of the balls.

Fisher-Price Stack and Roll Cups

This one of the top 5 educational toys for toddlers reminds people of another classic toy. There are ten cups, all in different colors that can be stocked or nested and each one comes with a number for children to learn something new. There are endless ways to stack or nest these cups.

Plan Toys Blocks

These are push and pull toys regarding the top 5 educational toys for toddlers. In the same time they are also musical instruments, manipulative toys, puzzles, games, and blocks, that are meant to challenge children in every possible way.



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