Toddlers Toys – 10 Classics to Choose from

The right toddlers toys not only mean an occupied and entertained toddler who gets into less mischief, they also mean that your child is learning while playing. We offer some suggestions for toddler toys that are entertaining and engrossing for the child and which also help to improve motor skills and explain certain concepts to a child:

Toddlers Toys

1. Stacking toddlers toys

This basic ring stacker tower is something that lets your toddler differentiate between colors, and understand basic concepts such as the difference between smaller and larger sizes. This is a classic toy that helps with your little one’s eye hand coordination and will also keep him occupied.

2. Simple jigsaws

Simple self-correcting jigsaws of two, three, four and five pieces are ideal for little fingers.

Pick ones that require your toddler to match A with the picture of an apple, or which require her to count the number of items and match that piece to another with the matching number printed on it. Simple pictures of fruit, vegetables, items of transport and animals also make great first jigsaws.

3. Nesting toddlers toys

Nesting cups, eggs and other shapes can be fun to stack as well as to put one inside the other. These are colorful toys that keep kids occupied while teaching them about balance, big and small and improve eye hand coordination.

4. Mr. potato head

Mr. Potato Head is another classic toddler toy that is an entertaining way of teaching a child about parts of the body, their function and their position.

5. Play dough or clay

Kids love the squishy, flexible, malleable play dough that lets them be as creative as they like. This enhances a child’s imagination and keeps them occupied for hours on end. As your child gets older he will learn to create more elaborate shapes and more complex designs.

6. Slate or white board

A simple hand held slate or an elaborate white board mounted on an easel; either make for excellent toddlers toys. They do the job of allowing your child to engage in his or her first scribbles, draw shapes and items that they see and even learn the rudiments of letters and alphabets.

7. Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals, soft dolls and so on help a child learn to play pretend. Imaginary or fantasy play is important for kids to engage and soft toys help them do this.

8. Connector toys

Separate links that make a chain, or different shapes that connect to create a caterpillar of other pull along toy; these are good toddlers’ toys too and will challenge your baby and keep him interested.

9. Bendy ball

Kids love just about any ball; anything that rolls, can be caught and thrown. A bendy ball can not only do all this, it can also be bent and squeezed offering tactile and visual stimulation.

10. Trike

Toddlers toys such as tricycles, scooters, and ride on toys give your baby his or her first sense of locomotion. Your toddler will be thrilled to be mobile on his or her own.


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