Tips For Picking The Right Preschool

It’s a big step: your child will be away from the safety of the home for the first time possibly, and you want that the experience should be as positive as possible for your toddler.

You want to ensure that the preschool you pick for your little one is appropriate and that it is an enjoyable and stress free time for your child. Here are some tips to keep in mind to pick the right one:

  • Ask around, other parents of toddlers, relatives and friends with children of similar age, they will be able to give you good feedback about the preschools you have in mind.
  • Consider whether it is a school that stresses upon learning or on creative play and what it is that is important to you and your child.
  • Consider the location, since you will most likely be doing the dropping and picking up.
  • Consider whether you want your child to start with just a couple of days a week or more.
  • Consider finances, a preschool should not throw your budget off course.
  • Consider what size the school is, and what size the classes are. Also consider if there is a wide range of ages in one class or if there are separate classes for separate ages.


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