Ideas for Toddler Lesson Plans

A lot of parents are looking for ideas for toddler lesson plans to make sure that their babies will know everything that they need by the time they go to kindergarten.

It is important not to be aggressive with the lessons and make sure that the child is actually enjoying them.

Ideas for Toddler Lesson Plans

Cardboard Pizza

All you have to do for this lesson plan is to cut out pieces of cardboard that look just like pizza slices. Also cut out the ingredients of pizza, such as cheese, ham, salami and so on and allow the child to create all kinds of different pizzas using the ingredients provided.

P for Parrot

In case you are looking for toddlers’ ideas for lesson plans you should know that children just love decorating things and they have a very rich imagination. You should draw letters for the child and allow him or her to decorate it. This way they will learn the letters and they will have some fun as well.


When it comes to ideas for toddler lesson plans often you don’t even have to leave your home to have outdoor activities. You can teach the child about camping by having a ‘tent’ in his or her room.

You could play pretend and tell the child all the things that he or she should know about camping.

Hand Painting

Arts and crafts are usually among the most popular tips for toddler lesson plans. You don’t need anything else just some paper, paint and some water. Naturally you might also need a larger paper to protect the surface that the little one is ‘working’ on.

Laser Beam

To teach the child about the characteristics of light, you may use this one of the ideas for toddler lesson plans. You just have to find a source for the laser beam and then use yarn to track the way the beam bounces off different objects.


Believe it or not, there is a lot you can do with pompoms regarding the lesson plan tips for toddlers. For instance you could trace lines with a marker or even a yarn, place a pompom on the line and give a straw to the child. The main point is to have the child blow the pompom along the line.

Make sure that you use as many ideas for toddler lesson plans as you can.


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