Fun Games To Improve Skills Of Your Toddler!

Garden Animal Baby Flash Cards

baby toys

Simple garden baby flash cards is a fun way for you to teach your kid about garden animals. These whimsical animal pictures are made with black and white repeating shapes.

Apart from garden animals, you can also get these art cards with jungle, sea, farm and also dino collection.

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Push ‘n Learn Alphabet Bus

baby toysPush ‘n learn alphabet bus will be one of your kid’s favorite toys.[Safe child toys]

This built-in-learning bus provides both fun and knowledge for your kid.

It contains 26 wooden animal blocks with corresponding animal’s name and letter.

It can be great fun for you too, to educate your child.

Your toddler [Toddler activities] will push the shape on the bus.

Once the animal is inside, open the back door provided for the wooden bus to retrieve the animal.

The wood used in making of this particular alphabet bus is purely safe for your kid.

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Picture Perfect Animal Scramble

With this alluring wooden toy, your toddler can spin the blocks and match them up to discover three different animals.

This picture perfect animal scramble features a counting abacus and it is a fun way for your kids to boost their motor and logic skills. It is durable wooden construction and can stay up to years for your kid to play.

baby toys

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