Fun Activities for Toddlers at Home

Usually the toddlers are very active so the parents have to come up with ideas to keep their babies busy. The good news is that there are a lot of fun activities for toddlers at home that the little one can try and that will keep him or her busy for a while.

Creative crafts

Fun Activities for Toddlers at HomeYou should create a box for crafts at home. This should come with paper, ribbons, markers, cards, glue, scissors, glitter, paint, cardboard pieces, rulers, and so on so that the child will have all the materials to come up with crafts. This develops the hand eye coordination and it improves the imagination of children.


If you would like the children to have toddler’s fun activities at home you should create a box that comes with clothes and accessories that can be easily used as props. This way you could recycle the Halloween costumes and there are a lot of dollar stores that carry items that he or she might like.

Mud pie

This is one of the fun activities for toddlers at home that everybody had as a child. All you need is some mud and some shapes for the children to play with. If you have beach sets they will work out amazingly for this activity and the kids will have a blast.

Indoor sandbox

When looking for entertaining activities for toddlers at home you could think about creating an indoor sandbox using lentils or puffed wheat as sand. The children will have just as much fun but there will be less mess to clean up afterwards. This way you will manage to bring the outdoors indoors.

Basement biking

Although children just love to ride their bike, the weather doesn’t always allow them to do so. When looking for fun activities for toddlers at home you should clean out your basement and allow the children to ride their bikes or other ride-on toys in there.


This is one of the classic fun activities at home for toddlers. You can buy playdough or prepare your own. If you use food colorants, you can achieve numerous different colors. Give the children some cookie cutters and you can be sure that they will be busy for hours.

If you use your imagination, you can come up with fun activities for toddlers at home on your own.


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