Creative Fun Games for Toddlers

The right game can encourage your kid’s brain, physical and emotional skills. It is been heard for several times that kids are sponges and especially this is true for toddlers.

One or another thing always fascinates these little toddlers. Their only mode of learning is through playtime. They learn new things by playing games and stuff that mostly includes games. Then they move to the next level called interactive process with teachers and their classmates by absorbing new things and talking about them.

Creative Fun Games for Toddlers

Five Most Amazing Games for Your Little Ones

  1. HOT AND COLD: This is an amazing game for your little ones as they will learn different things from it, like patience and persistence and the idea of a thing you cannot see does not mean that it is not there. How to play this game: take his favourite stuffy toy and hide it anywhere in the room, now ask him/her to find that toy in the room. If he is wandering close to that toy, say hot and if he is wandering away from it, say cold. If he gets exhausted, you can hold his hand while he still searches for his toy.
  2. ONE FOR YOU AND ONE FOR ME: Sharing is very important for the kids to learn as this simplifies their behaviour towards others and helps them to have a friendly environment also. Therefore, this game will help your toddler perfectly that teaches ‘sharing is caring’. Take a pile of crayons or bunch of flowers and ask your toddler to distribute them around by saying “one for you and one for me”. This will even help your child to learn counting creatively.
  3. PARACHUTE: This is a super amazing game for your toddlers and frequently played at daycares. This game works better when there are more than two kids. Suppose, four kids are playing this game. Get a colourful sheet, spread it out and ask kids to hold the corner of it by standing in the corners, tightly. Together, raise the sheet overhead slowly by saying, “up, up, up” and while lowering down slowly by saying “down, down, down”! Now when you will say “under, under, under” everyone can let go of the sheet and hide under. This game will help a child to develop good motor skills while teaching them to wait and listen.
  4. PUZZLES GAME: Puzzle games are super fun games for your toddlers and they enhance the mental skills of a kid too. This is the best game as it covers cognitive and emotional skills too and through this, you will get to analyze your child’s skills as to how capable he is to unfold the mystery. Puzzle game makes the memory stronger and can help your child set aims.
  5. ODD ONE OUT: This game will help your child’s observing skills. Place 10 sketch pens of the same colour and 1 odd colour of sketch pen, once he/she looks upon, now ask which is the odd one.

In addition, he/she will let you know the same. You can do this with cards, books, etc., whatever is easily available to you and play. For sure, this will enhance the observing skill your child.


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