The Most Common Toddler Sleeping Problems

Although at the moment the toddler sleeping problems seem to be far away from you, you can be sure that you will experience them sooner or later. The majority of these problems are caused by stages and ages, but there are also some that are caused by psychological or health issues.

What if the sleeping problem of the toddler is that he wakes up several times during the night?

This is a challenging problem, and you have to consider whether he started waking up during the night recently or not. One of the causes of this might be teething or a health problem.

Also it could be a good idea to take a step back and analyze the past period.

Toddler Sleeping Problems

What happened in the life of the toddler? Maybe he got a new bed, a new sibling or a new caregiver. The cause of the sleeping problem of the toddler can also be that he is taking longer naps.

In case none of these seems to be the problem, then you could try to delay bedtime by 15-20 minutes to make him be more tired.

If he calls out for you because of the toddler sleeping problems, then you should go in and soothe him by talking or singing. If this happens every night you should delay going in by 5 minutes each night.

Crying so hard that he ends up vomiting

There are some parents who say that you should let the toddler cry himself to sleep. Nonetheless there are some people who say that this is a cruel method. Although it is difficult to do, there are no known negative effects of the method. The toddlers get nervous stressed and end up crying so hard that they vomit because of lack of breath.

The problem is known as Ferberizing and the main point of it is to change the associations of the child. In case you rock the little one to sleep every night, this will be his association. The main goal is to make them to go to sleep on their own and this would solve the sleeping problems of the toddler.

Bedtime going on for too long

In order to avoid toddler sleeping problems bedtime should be a positive experience. If the parents are arguing which one of them should put the little one to sleep or one of them is better at doing it, there could be some problems. This is more related to the dynamics of the family than to the child himself. If there is stress and anxiety, the toddler picks up on it, making it more difficult to put him to sleep, causing sleeping problems to the toddler.

A good solution may be for both parents to enter the room and chat among themselves. This is boring and reassuring in the same time for the toddler. Just talk about regular things, and don’t think about this activity as something mandatory, but something you enjoy and your attitude will take care of the toddler sleeping problems.

Sleeping problems of toddlers are more common than you might think, and in case none of the solutions seem to be working out, talk to a specialist in toddler sleeping problems.


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