Why Pre-Schooling Kids at Home is so Important?

Sending your toddler to the big school is a big decision that you need to take. Pre-school parenting at home is important as it is essential that you make your kid school-ready. School readiness is all about being emotionally and socially prepared and also about having proper language, communication and motor skills.

Being able to read and count can be an added advantage but it is something that is not necessary. You should expose your child to books through listening to music and stories and also make him or her practice easy craft skills like cutting, coloring drawing and pasting. It is important that your child develops proper listening skills before getting into the big building.

pre-schooling kids at homeWhy Pre-schooling is so Important?

Going by the reality, you will come across many children who do not know how to read on the first day of the school and that is very normal. But, you will also come across many children who do not share, do not cooperate and do not know how to adjust to the changing environment. This is where you need to work on before sending your child to kindergarten.

You can help him or her develop these skills very easily by letting him or her to decide how to behave or how to react when out with other people and not rescuing him or her if something goes wrong. It is important that they learn to find their own way.

Some of the other things that your child needs to be good at is pulling his/her pants up and down, wiping his/her nose when required and also washing his/her hands. It is very important that you encourage independence and if you think that doing these things are easier when you are doing it yourself, change your approach just for the sake of your child.

To sum up, the importance of pre-schooling kids at home are the following:

  • First day at school can be an anxious time for both the child and the parents. Parents get worried and if you are amongst them, then it is important that you do not let that affect your child at all. Instead, being a parent, you should feel confident and encourage your child.
  • The mere fact that being school ready mentally is very important and that can only happen when you make him/her one when at home. Behavior, habits, self-care, attention and concentration, emotional development, speaking abilities…all these matters.


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