5 Important Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Early years of a person’s life are critical to develop a good personality, good habits and important life skills. Of course, parenting toddlers and preschoolers can be a roller coaster ride for parents but there are always some ways to do this task successfully. Preschoolers are kids between the age of 3 and 5 years and these little ones are not babies anymore.

By this age, kids have the ability to manage themselves, control their emotions and learn all new things you teach them. This is that time of their life where you can shape their thinking and personalities. Thus for your help, we have shortlisted the important parenting tips for preschoolers:

important parenting tips for preschoolers

1. Spend Quality Time with the Kid

One of the best tips for parenting a preschooler is to give your maximum time to him/her. He/she may begin to go to school soon or may already be attending play school and thus after this, your child’s life may become much more busy than now. So this may be the perfect time to build a connect and spend good time with him/her.

2. Keep Teaching at Home

By the time your kid attends school, he/she must already be familiar with numbers, rhymes, colors, alphabets, animals, fruits, vegetables and other basic things. Most play schools teach these things but if not, then you must begin teaching at home so that the child doesn’t lag behind others at school. Take off some time for teaching everyday as this will also help the child develop interest in these subjects.

3. Teach Basic Manners/Habits

The child must be in the habit of washing hands before and after eating, should know how to tie laces and must be comfortable spending time apart from you or home. He/she must know some basic manners like greeting people, talking politely and others. You must inculcate these habits in him/her at home itself. Also, he/she must be disciplined to a certain extent and must be able to obey instructions.

4. Potty Training

By the time the child attends school, he/she must be able to go to the toilet on his/her own or should atleast indicate that he/she wants to use the toilet. You must begin potty training when he/she turns 2 or 3 so that he/she is ready for school.

5. Inculcate Good Values

Besides basic learning, the child must be taught good values like respect, importance of prayer, manners and others.


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