Your Newborn at Home – What You Can Expect

first days of newbornIt can be magical, but it can be bewildering and frighteningly new as well – so what can you expect now that you have this brand new individual in your life to care for? Here is what to expect in the first few days of a new born at home.

Day 1 – The baby may sleep quite a lot. Don’t be alarmed, catch up on your rest instead. Try and minimize interruptions from calls and visitors as well. Expect to bleed quite a lot for the first few days, so stock up on maternity pads.

Day 2 – The midwife will call today to conduct a thorough exam of you and the baby. Anything unusual should be discussed so that you feel reassured or any underlying problem can get the attention it needs.

As the milk comes in, distended or painful breast could be a problem so nurse your baby as much as he or she wants.

Day 3 – Rather than a bath, gently wipe baby down using boiled cool water, cotton wipes and clean around the face, neck, hands, nappy and umbilical cord area.

Day 4 – If you are feeling rather down, worry not; this is quite normal. Take care of yourself and be sure to nap when baby does.


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