Why Is Your Baby Still In The Fetal Position?

fetal positionWhen you first look at your brand new baby, it might seem a bit scrunched up, that he or she is still getting used to be out of the womb.

It only takes a short while before the fetal position is replaced by outstretched limbs and the likely appearance of bow leggedness will also disappear.

The reason that newborns are wrapped up quite tightly in the first few days is to let them get used to the world outside of their mother’s body.

In the first six weeks of a baby’s life the two most important factors for them are food and sleep. [Infant Development]

A feed every 2 to 3 hours is often demanded in between bouts of sleeping, eventually a pattern will begin to emerge but sometimes this can be a long way off.

Gestures at the beginning are very basic reflexes but gradually these jerky movements become more controlled once the child’s muscle control develops and the nervous system matures.

Sucking and chewing is the order of the day for a good while yet, although after a few weeks your baby can lifts his/her head albeit very briefly.

Crying is constant; until his/her personality starts to grow this is the only line of communication. Very quickly the baby will recognize the voice of his or her mother.

All babies love to be touched so indulge yourself in plenty of hugs, kisses and carrying.

Your baby can only see things in a very hazy way, black and white toys will stimulate much more than color but your face is the main attraction. So let it be studied by talking and keeping him or her very close.


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