Too Few Multiple Birth Mothers Get Assistance

multiple infantsAccording to the charity group Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba), 66% of parents who have multiple births does not receive the proper birth advice such as post natal depression and aftercare instructions.

Out of 1,300 mothers, only 36% said they had been offered classes that helps prepare parents of multiple birthing events for how to care for their children correctly.

Out of the 36% who did receive an offer of aid it was for a one time instruction session at a hospital.

Tamba said that mothers need the class to learn about how to successfully have a multiple birth and how to avoid complications later.  Additionally, the organization said mothers need clear advice when it comes to the care of multiple infants and issues such as breast feeding.

One in every 30 births is now a multiple birth of at least twins and while most are now smooth deliveries, they do hold a higher risk of complications like premature death.

Tamba reported that mothers who are offered parenting advice have a better birthing outcome with less risk of preterm birth, other complications, and have a lower risk that the children will need medical intervention after birth or that they will develop post-natal depression.


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