Taking Care Of Your Newborn’s Eyes

I know you cannot stop admiring this perfect thing that you have managed to create, the perfectly formed little features, the beautifully shaped ears, and the little tufts of hair that reminds your mother of your brother’s when he was a newborn, those oh so perfect toes and fingers, and what about the finger nails? The eyes? Awesome, I agree!

However, you, as a young parent, must learn how to take care of your baby, especially the most delicate part of all, his eyes.

Those tiny windows to the soul need to be kept clean and healthy at all times, and you must learn the skill of using a small soft cloth or a cotton ball dipped in some clean water on your baby’s closed eyes.

Always remember to wipe the eyes from the inside to the outside, and use separate pieces of cloth or cotton balls for each eye so that you can prevent infection, if there is any to start with, from spreading from one eye to the other.

It is true that some babies are born with blocked tear ducts. More often than not, there is no treatment needed for this: all you have to do is maintain hygiene by wiping away the tears that keep rolling down your baby’s cheeks, using a soft cloth.

However, please consult your doctor whenever in doubt. The condition resolves itself during the first year of the baby’s life, but certain severe conditions would have to be treated by your doctor.

Always remember to wash your hands very thoroughly before you handle your baby’s eyes, and never insert your finger directly and roughly into the baby’s eyes for whatever reason. You may be damaging his eyes for life if you do this.

Apart from this, please do not meddle in any way with your baby’s eyes. The human eyes are a marvel, and they can take care of themselves. You can simply help by wiping the area clean.

Never use foreign substances like ‘kohl’ in your baby’s eyes. It has not been scientifically proven anywhere that kohl will help improve your baby’s vision, and you as an educated parent must desist from succumbing to your great grandmother’s advice.

Some forms of kohl even contain lead, which can lead to blindness and other malformations in your normal and healthy baby.

Make sure that your baby is not exposed to sudden bright lights and brilliant sunshine during the first few days of his life. Keep the lighting diffuse and dim, and wait for the baby to open his eyes fully before you start to clean them.

If you notice any type of discharge, report it to your doctor immediately; do not delay.

Taking care of your baby’s eyes is an extremely important task, and you must exercise utmost caution when you do it.


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