Summer Dangers For Newborn

babysleepIt has been proven that more accidents happen to newborns during the summer than at any other time.

Why is this? What type of accidents are we talking about here?

As we all know, summer is a time when we all feel hot and flustered, and who wouldn’t want to jump into a cool blue pool?

Unfortunately, many parents fail to realise that the pool can hold many dangers for their baby; drowning related deaths are the highest for toddlers who are just exploring their capabilities, during the summer months.

Most of these babies were being supervised by one or even both of their parents at home, yet they managed to get away from indoors and somehow find their way into the pool.

For your newborn, make sure you never ever leave him unattended in a bathtub or near one, or even on a bath seat. Drowning takes just a few minutes.

Scrapes, burns and such are the bane of a baby during the summer, especially if the family is going away on a picnic. Always keep a fully updated first aid kit at hand when you are traveling with your newborn baby.

Don’t panic if you see a scrape or scratch on your newborn sensitive skin; babies are amazingly resilient and will recover rather quickly.

If your baby is still too small to travel, then too there could be several dangers. For example, you must make sure that your baby sleeps on his back, on a firm mattress, and that all the sheets are safely tucked in, and that they never come loose.

Do not leave soft loose cushions or pillows in your baby crib; these may inadvertently lead to accidental suffocation. Since it is summer, opt for keeping the crib free, and clothe your newborn in a one-piece sleeper with no loose buttons or ribbons.

When you are changing your baby’s diaper, do not leave him unattended. A baby can roll off if left by himself, and may fall and have an accident. Similarly, do not leave objects that can be kicked over close to your baby when you are changing him. You may knock them over and cause an accident.

Make sure that your fire safety measures are all up to date. You must have a fire extinguisher on each floor of your home, and smoke detectors in all the bedrooms.

The safety of your newborn is in your hands. Be careful, and take care.


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