Newborn Babies Can Recognize Music

newbornbabyIn recent scientific research it was found that newborn babies already have the capacity to recognize the nuances and the beat of music and do not acquire it later in life, as it is generally thought.

The babies’ brain activity was measured while they slept, with the use of an electroencephalography (EEG), as music was played to them.

Simple tunes were played to detect whether they were able to guess how the tune would evolve as well as which sequences they were more receptive to.

The musical sequences followed the same pitches or tones and were occasionally changed in order to measure the brain’s reaction. They also played music to determine whether the babies were receptive to the beat in music.

The results showed that the brain of a newborn baby is able to recognize the beat and rhythm of music and anticipate how this sequence will evolve.

It had been previously thought that the sense for pitch was acquired with knowledge, later on in life, but these results prove that we are born with this capacity.

Babies are at birth, receptive to their environment and understand whom are the main characters revolving around their world.

This study was conducted in the hope to develop early screening methods in order to detect and correct cognitive hearing problems.


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