Minimize Your Pet’s Reaction to the Newborn

The arrival of a baby is sure to bring radical changes in your life. You may be preparing yourself for these changes but have you thought about how your pet may react to the new member in the family?

It is essential to train or prepare the pet to adjust to the changes that are going to happen at home. It is quite natural to expect that the animal may feel jealous of the new baby and react adversely to its presence.

Babies and Pets

To avoid any unpleasant situations it would be better to start preparing your pet even before the baby arrives. One of the first things to do would be to reduce the attention you give your pet.

Once the baby arrives you will not be able to devote as much time to it. The pet should not associate it with the baby, so the preparation for it is a must.

If your pet has any behavioral problems this is the time to address them and resolve them. Once the baby comes, every problem will seem magnified to the new parents. If needed, be ready to hire the services of a professional trainer to help resolve those problems.

Some owners suggest that it will help to acclimatize if you start playing the recorded sounds of a baby crying or making noises weeks before the baby is due.

You can also try carrying a doll around the house and at the same time doing chores and handling the pet. This will prove helpful when the baby is home.

Before you bring the baby home, it would be better to bring home a blanket used by the baby and leave it near the pet’s resting place. The pet will get used to the baby’s smell and not treat it as a stranger.

Your pet may be curious about the new arrival but at no time should you let the animal near the baby if you feel it is showing any degree of antagonism. Also at no time should you leave the infant alone with the pet, no matter how much you trust it.


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