How a Midwife Can be a Friend, Guide and Care Giver?

A moving and deeply personal story by Huffington Post’s Nancy Cronk offers a firsthand account of the importance of having a midwife in charge of a pregnancy and birth

midwifeUnlike obstetricians, midwives are traditionally more involved in pregnancy and the subsequent birth, spending more time with the mother-to-be.

Allaying apprehensions and fears that a first time mother may have, a midwife is able to call upon a fund of personal stories from her own experience that can be both calming and educative for a pregnant woman.

Solutions for pregnancy discomforts, feedback about suggested baby names, appropriate pregnancy reading, and more – a midwife can be more a friend and sister than a medical professional making a woman feel at ease and safe as well!

Since the midwife has been monitoring the pregnancy from the beginning, she is in a position to do what is best for the mother-to-be.

The option of a home birth is possible to exercise safely when there is a midwife in charge; you can still have a hospital birth if you prefer but that all important, familiar person can still be there for you throughout.

She is the one who can share in the miracle of birth and the delight at the new arrival as well!


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