Have A Dog? Initiate An Introduction With The New Arrival

newbornIf you have a pet, it is likely to be the baby of the house, the one that you lavish all your time and affection on; even perhaps the person that you do a lot of baby talk with.

If you have, say a dog in the family, and are expecting a baby, understand that your priorities are soon going to change.

No matter how you love that dog and how you think that nothing will ever change what you feel for your pet pooch, things will alter dramatically when the baby arrives.

Not only should you be looking at safety issues when your new baby comes home, other issues with pets and infant activities may not necessarily be in tandem. You should also be thinking of the right way to introduce the new baby to your older ‘baby’.

Remember most animals have a nurturing instinct and will not resent the arrival of your new bundle of joy so long as you don’t sideline or ignore them. Most babies and dogs will get along, and this issue should not ordinarily be one for any to worry.

Prepare in advance: If you are the sort that gives a lot of time, attention and affection to your dog, you may consider turning it down a notch to two prior to the baby’s arrival, so that the dog is already used to a little less TLC.

That way the dog is not resentful of the baby being responsible for any perceived neglect. Also introduce the dog to a baby doll who cries etc, so that the baby won’t be as much of a novelty for the dog.

Make sure the dog is obedient: A dog that obeys basic commands of sit, stay, heel etc, is far easier to manage when around a baby. When you are sure that a dog obeys these basic commands, you will find things easier to control.

Actually introduce them: When you bring baby home, let the dog check it out. While keeping full control of the situation, let the dog sniff and acquaint himself with the baby. Be affectionate towards the dog and the baby so that the dog senses that this is another individual to be affectionate towards.

Don’t get rid of the pet: Make some effort to get your dog to bond with your baby and supervise all interactions, it will be worth the effort. It is good for babies to grow up with a dog in the house; it teaches them responsibility and dogs are wonderful playmates for children.


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