Your Feelings After the Arrival of Your Baby

Questions such as this one posed by new mother who is feeling trapped due to her newborn baby being ill, are not uncommon at all. Being housebound with a newborn child who is ill can make a new mother feel trapped and very alone and there should be no guilt associated with these, perfectly normal feelings.


The first few months can be very hard

New mother will find that her life has drastically altered with the arrival of a new baby who demands time, attention and increases the daily workload as well. It is not unusual for a mother to feel overwhelmed and even trapped by the situation. Things could be particularly bad if the new baby is not keeping good health.

At such a time, women should try and get help from a midwife, a health care advisor, friends or relatives.

Having a friend, a mother, sister or cousin visiting even for a few hours could be a break in the monotony, giving mommy some much-needed company and perhaps a helping hand as well.

If she feels comfortable leaving baby for a while, the new mother could make a visit to the shops or just go out for some fresh air and a much-needed walk.

Some women are more prone to post natal depression

Scientists have found that women, who delay having a baby because they want to be established in their careers and want to be more financially independent, could be more prone to postnatal depression.

With an increasing number of women choosing to have babies later in life, this phenomenon is seen to be increasing.

Researchers surmise that older women are more used to being in control of their lives, and the arrival of a baby who requires a lot of flexibility can engender feelings of being very out of control indeed.There can be a feeling of a huge letdown and this is not unusual either.

Dads get depressed too

Broadway producer Eric Nederlander was recently in the news for claiming that it was male postpartum depression that caused him to act violently against his wife.

The violence was serious enough for the court to issue a restraining order against him.While this may or may not have been a real case of postnatal depression, this depression among new dads is a very real phenomenon that could go undetected and even cause further complications if left untreated.


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