Important Points to Remember While Baby Proofing your Home

Baby proofing your home needs quite an expertise as you will never know to which corners the kid will have his vision, but you must have missed out to cover or protect that zone. To prevent any mishaps at home; start baby proofing your home interiors as soon as he tries to crawl that would be at about 3-4 months age. Keep a special eye on bathroom, plugging sockets, furniture, sharp edges, staircases, terrace, balconies etc.

Staircase gate

In fact, wherever you look you are sure to find a place to cover up or keep it away from the child. All the rooms should be well securitized before you let the child go for his first crawl. Here are some helpful tips that would help you to baby proof your home

1. Electric plug points

Check out the electric plug points in the first place. If they are uncovered and hanging loose, immediately wrap them up and covered it securely. You can use safety plugs and outlet covers and also keep unused appliances in storage room. Best option would be not to have any switchboards within the reach of the child at all.

2. Safety space

As the kid grows he would need more space just to be himself, thus you have to be careful overall. You cannot wrap and shift the entire household somewhere else, but can surely make “his” space safer – like keep away any fragile or glass materials away, keep the laundry away from his reach, hide things that would be tempting but harmful for him like TV remotes, loose batteries, small items that can get choked etc.

3. Staircase gate

If you have a staircase within your home, make sure each of the turns have a baby gate installed as then he will stay safe in all the floors. The baby gate should have reliable and strong lock system – not easy twisting methods to open and keep the knobs covered. The nursery door should also have a glass window so that you can keep an eye even if he is alone in the room.

4. Safe kitchen premises

Kitchen safety is a must as kids often go there to find their moms and spend some time playing. If you have small materials lying here and there in the kitchen, remove them and stack in the cabinets – well locked. If you keep pet bowls in kitchen, make sure you remove them as soon as your pet completes his meal. Use stove knobs and stove guards; keep a fire extinguisher ready in kitchen entrance. Under sink cabinets usually have the cleaning products, make sure you have the cabinet locked all the time. Knives, dishes, spoons, breakable objects, heavy things should be kept away.

5. Keep away hanging materials

In the living room, be sure you don’t have appliances like TV set, music stations or refrigerator cords hanging. Babies have a tendency to pull cords and bring the heavy appliance on top of him; also keep short tablecloths that will not attract the kid to pull it down. Bumpers are available in market to round off sharp corners of tables and cabinets, use them. Guard the fire place with a gate.

6. Bathroom safety

This include using non slip slips throughout the area, keeping the water temperature lukewarm before you let the child in, using toilet locks, do not keep buckets full always, do not keep soaps and other detergents within reach, and always make sure to lock the bathroom door post usage.

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