Safety of Baby Bassinets

If you don’t find the idea of having a crib, you could be thinking about a bassinet. However, in this case you should also know about the safety of baby bassinets. Not all the products are created in the same way and some of them violate safety regulations.

Safety of Baby Bassinets

Accessories and mobiles

In many cases the bassinets come with mobiles and accessories to help the baby sleep. Although these are nice, they could become a threat to the safety of the child. It is important not to have strings attached to the toys because there is the risk of strangulation. The accessories should never be within the reach of the child.


Sometimes the parents put blankets on the baby while they are in the bassinet, but first they should think about the safety of the bassinets for babies. Since the bassinet is small and enclosed, there might be a risk of suffocation. Avoid using blankets and go for the pajamas.

Sleeping position

When it comes to the safety of baby bassinets it is important to remember to always place the babies on their back in the bassinet.

It is not safe for the child to be on their tummy because it is more likely for sudden infant death syndrome to occur in this case.

Safety standards

As you may have guessed regarding the infants’ bassinets’ safety there are some standards that all the products need to fulfill. First of all, it is important for the bassinet to have a firm mattress that the baby will sleep on. The edges need to be made of a soft and breathable material such as mesh.

Don’t forget regarding the safety of baby bassinets that the bassinet is supposed to be used only until the baby it old enough to roll on their own. At that point they need to be moved to a full size crib. Make sure that you read the recommendations of the manufacturer before using the bassinet.

Heirloom bassinets

In many cases the parents wish their children to sleep in the same bassinet as they did. However, when thinking about the safety of the infants’ bassinets keep in mind that the bassinets produced over 5 years ago don’t fulfill the safety requirements of our days.

All parents should be aware of the importance of the safety of baby bassinets since keeping the baby away from harm should be their main concern.


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