Neonatal Jaundice Treatment

Although it’s not pleasant to be thinking that there might be something wrong with your baby, a lot of parents need to think about neonatal jaundice treatment. No matter how scary it might be to notice that the skin of the baby is yellow, you have to remember that there are some things that you could do.

Neonatal Jaundice Treatment


It is important for the parents to know that sunlight can help the body of the baby break down indirect bilirubin so that it will be easier for the liver to process it. Keep in mind that jaundice appears if there is an accumulation of indirect bilirubin that can’t be broken down by the liver.


One of the best things that you could do regarding the treatment options for neonatal jaundice is to place the child in a well-lit window and let him or her stay there for 10 minutes, two times per day. Although sunlight is good for them, keep in mind not to let the baby stay in direct sunlight.

Special light

When thinking about neonatal jaundice treatment, it is possible that the jaundice is very serious and in this case the doctors will have to put the baby under a special kind of light. This therapy option is known as phototherapy. Hospitals usually have lights of this kind.

Your home

In some case it is possible to set up such lights in your home. Although this treatment is efficient for neonatal jaundice, make sure that you closely monitor the little one. A pediatrician will be able to tell whether the baby needs or not phototherapy.

How does the treatment work?

The lights of phototherapy are able to penetrate the skin of the little one and act on the bilirubin levels. As a result of the light, bilirubin will turn into lumirubin that can be easily broken down by the baby’s system. The therapy looks like going to a tanning booth.


The use of this remedy for neonatal jaundice is determined by two factors: the bilirubin levels and the age of the child. Younger children usually need therapy. The decision to start the therapy depends on the doctor and also on the parents. However, the majority of the parents want their babies to get well as soon as possible.

In the end you will have to make a decision regarding the neonatal jaundice treatment.


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