Most Influenza Deaths, Under Six Months Old

influenza vaccinationThe influenza vaccination is not recommended for children under 6 months, who unfortunately register the largest number of deaths due to the disease.

A study was carried out to see whether the babies of vaccinated mothers stood a better chance against influenza infection, and that if this could curb the high mortality of infants contracting influenza.

Babies born from vaccinated mothers were observed to check for any cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza infection in babies who were less than six months old.

Rates of rapid antigen testing for influenza, rates of febrile respiration infections and rates of clinic visits for respiratory illness were other observed secondary effects.

It was found that fewer babies contracted influenza when mothers had been vaccinated for the disease as opposed to those whose mothers had not.

The rates of fever or respiratory diseases were also lower in babies with vaccinated mothers; the mothers also showed to have fewer problems to this effect.

Out of three hundred and sixteen mothers who had received the influenza vaccinations only 22 of the babies contracted laboratory-confirmed influenza.

This study concluded that it is indeed highly recommended for mothers carrying babies be vaccinated against influenza, in order to curb any possible subsequent infection.


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