Common Issues That Affect Toddler Health!

Toddler healthToddlers are easily affected by quite common things like fever, cold, sniffle and cough.

You can do nothing to avoid the growing mild illnesses and cold in your children.

The rest, comfort and fluids are the best remedies of these illnesses for your toddler health.

If your are worried about your toddler health, you can take the advise of your doctor.

Some of the common health issues in a toddler are:


In Australia, one out of five children is suffering from asthma.

When your child breaths out, a whistling sound called wheeze is observed. This can be distressing to both your child and you. You can ask your doctor for management plan, if your child has asthma [Asthma in toddlers].


When your child has chicken pox, the red blisters occur by varicella zoster virus. The symptom is itchy and children cannot stop from scratching. This virus stays as a dormant, once it has run its course. It returns as shingles after many years.

You have to keep your child away from other children till the last blister is healed, as it is contagious. Immunization is the only way to avoid this.


After the cold, the virus causes the croup. Children cough like a barking seal when they are affected with croup. This can be managed like the cold.

Bladder infection:

This is also known as urinary tract infection. It is most common in women. Your child can have mild fever. She may need to pee more often with irritation. The bladder infection can be prevented by wiping front to back. The doctor prescribes the oral antibiotics for this treatment.

Vomiting and diarrhea:

As the children put everything into their mouth, vomiting and diarrhea are very common in them. Until the problem passes, give your baby the small amounts of clear fluids (water, flat lemonade diluted with one fourth water or dehydration fluid). You can ask your doctor for advice, if your child is not getting better.

Tips for toddler health:

Immunization should be up to date:

Your children should be protected with immunization against the viral nasties and bacteria, like diphtheria and measles. These diseases are serious and life threatening.

For your children’s protection, the immunization is considered as essential. Your toddler can be immunized by the health care provider or GP at:

  • 12 months of age
  • 18 months of age and
  • 24 months of age

Once the immunization recommendations are followed by you, then only the Maternity Immunization Allowances are payable.

Air given to your toddler should be fresh:

The non-smokers have serious health risk to the secondhand smoke. You can protect your child from the smokers by asking them to smoke outside the house.

The household chemical sprays like cleaning products and insect repellents should be avoided.

Avoid the unprescribed medicines:

The normal house hold medicines are harmful to your toddlers. You should not give the unprescribed medicines to your child. The herbal remedies are also not safe. It is better to take the doctor’s advice in this matter.

For better toddler health, consult your health care provider.


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