Car Seat Safety Key To Save Young Lives

car seat safetyAccording to new research, appropriate car seat safety and placing small babies and children in right way in car seats can help reduce odds of death unfortunately if they are in a car accident.

Car crashes are leading cause for unintentional death and also injuries for small children older than a year.

As per records of vehicle collisions in 2005 and according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, it has been estimated that almost 500 or even more children younger than 3 years of age died as a result of motor or car collisions.

Infants and children can reap most benefit from being placed in appropriate car seats. It has been estimated that their odds of dying in car accident has dropped by three-fourths, provided if they are in a safety restraint car seat. Even it was seen that older children also benefitted significantly in mortality risk reduction in car accidents by at least 60%.

According to Thomas Rice, a research epidemiologist at the Traffic Safety Center in the department of environmental sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, “the higher effectiveness of car seat safety among infants and kids is possibly due to their overall vulnerability”.

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