Baby Proofing Your House To Ensure Child Safety!

child safetyOne of the biggest threats to your infant safety is your house only.

Researchers said that children in between the age of 1 to 4 years old are more likely to die from burns, fire, falls, drowning, accidental poisoning and choking.

Every year there’s about 2.5 millions of children who died or injured by the dangers that surrounded them in their home.

It doesn’t take much longer for a crawling baby to move around the house causing mischief out of curiosity, which could be a life threatening situation when not monitored by adults.

Setting up safe guards around the house is particularly important to protect your child.

Here are some tips for baby proofing the house:

  • Conceal all the open outlets with plastic covers.
  • Lock all the cupboards and drawers, which your toddler can reach easily.
  • Keep all the hazardous chemicals and substances beyond the reach of your toddler.
  • Knives, scissors and sharp objects should be out of reach.
  • Keep a baby gate across the staircase to prevent your toddler from falling.
  • Wrap all the sharp areas with padding.
  • Keep the pet’s litter boxes and pet foods away and out of your child’s reach.
  • Keep all the medication in a medicine cabinet away from your child’s reach.
  • Place all the large and heavy objects on the ground or on stable bases in order to avoid these heavy objects falling on your toddler.
  • Keep delicate and breakable objects out of reach.
  • Keep all the household plants out of reach as they can be poisonous.
  • Don’t get a Baby walker as the baby is at greater risk of falling.
  • Keep all the toilet lids closed. Close the bathroom door when it is not in use and don’t leave your child alone in the bathroom.

Though you take necessary precautions to ensure your child’s safety, constant supervision is a great way to prevent accidents from happening.


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