Baby Poop Color – What Does It Indicate?

baby bowel movementA baby’s bowel movement, its frequency, its appearance, the consistency, the color and yes even the smell of baby poop is an excellent indicator that all is well with your little bundle of joy.

Once the dark, tarry meconium is done with, this is what the color of poop indicates in general:

  • Mustard colored poop is normal for breastfed babies. Usually breast fed babies’ poop has less offensive odor as well
  • Green, yellow or orange poop is also fine most of the time, its only that if there is any particular change in color or if baby shows any other signs of unease or being unwell, one would need to speak to the doctor
  • Whitish stools would mean that there is not enough bile in the baby’s system to digest food and you would need the doctor
  • Dark or tarry stool after all the meconium is dealt with could mean an infection or injury somewhere along the intestine
  • Red color of the stool or visible blood means an anal or other fissure, a polyp or that there has been fresh bleeding.

Above all it is any change in the color, consistency or smell that is of importance of any sign of the baby looking out of sorts, unwell or displaying other unusual symptoms.


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