Yet Another Reason To Breastfeed Your Child

You probably heard enough about the benefits of breastfeeding and here is yet another: it could guard your baby against cancer.

The same substance in milk that ups immunity in babies may also help to cure cancer it has been seen. It is claimed that in five years, the compound, known as Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells or HAMLET, may become a commonly used treatment for cancer.


The compound has been seen to kill bladder cancer cells, and as many as 40 other kinds of cancer cells. While it kills malignant cells, it leaves along normal or healthy cells of the body; and is therefore not likely to have the kind of ill effects on the body as chemotherapy and radiation may have.

A solution comprising of HAMLET was injected into a bladder cancer patient by way of a catheter and it was found that in just 5 days the size of the tumors had reduced! It was deduced that the cancer cells had been killed by the solution.

HAMLET is seen to attack the “power plant” of cancer cells and researches have therefore opined that breast feeding can actually reduce the child’s risk of developing cancer because of this compound being passed on to him or her.


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