Tips to Help Feed Baby with Reflux

Reflux in babies is a condition where the weak muscles at the top of the stomach lets the food go back to the oesophagus and makes your baby vomit.

Often mistaken for colic, this condition is common among babies. At times this reflux could be silent causing pain to the stomach and a burning sensation in the chest.

Although in most cases reflux is not a very serious condition, it could lead to poor nutrition in your child if not dealt with, as the baby may start associating food with pain and stop eating properly.

Follow these simple tips to feed your baby with reflux.

feed baby with reflux

Keep your Baby Upright while Feeding

Keeping the baby upright will not allow the food to go up the oesophagus and keep it down. Keep baby upright even after feeding for at least 30 minutes so that the food goes down into the intestine.

Prop up your child on some cushions on his bed and let his head be above the level of his body.

Do not Feed your Baby when she is Tired

This way you will ensure that the baby does not sleep just after eating. That’s because if your baby sleeps right after eating then she will suffer more of reflux.

To elaborate on the above point, follow a reflux free routine. This means that you can feed the baby at least 90 minutes before her bedtime. This will ensure that the food reaches the intestines and the process of digestion is underway without her vomiting it out.

Even while breastfeeding your baby, try to figure out a position where the baby’s torso is fairly upright. Letting your baby straddle your leg in an upright position and facing you while breast feeding seems to work fine for many mothers.

Feed your Child Small Amounts of Food at Frequent Intervals

A heavy feeding portion makes the weak muscles at the top of the stomach unable to hold down the food. On the other hand a smaller portion doesn’t allow the food to go back into the oesophagus and get digested. With older kids, feeding a little solid food first before feeding milk also helps.

Try not to eat food that may pass through the tissues into your milk and cause acidity in your baby’s stomach thereby increasing reflux. Avoid food that is spicy or aerated drinks that could worsen the conditions.

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