Some Amazing Breastfeeding Facts – Part 1

New mothers have probably heard enough about the benefits of breast feeding their infants and about how it is the best thing for mother and baby.

However, here is a ready reckoner if you missed some of the reasons why breast feeding is so amazing or if you need a refresher course:

1. The composition of breast milk is perfect for the baby. It contains everything that a baby needs and nothing that the baby does not. There is a perfect balance of nutrients and water so that a baby does not even need to be given water when being breast fed. No formula however good can hope to replicate this.

2. The consistency of breast milk is also perfect at all times. It is neither too thick (lest it is difficult to digest) nor is it too dilute (lest it contain less nutrition than required).

While it is possible to mix the formula incorrectly and get the wrong consistency, this is never the case.

3. The temperature of breast milk is always perfect, whereas with formula you need to check whether the bottle prepared is not too cool or too hot, you never once have to check the temperature of breast milk because it is exactly the right temperature for baby.

4. Breast milk is easier to digest. No matter what the ingredients of the formula being used or how closely it resembles the composition of breast milk, it is never as easy for baby to digest as breast milk.

5. Breast feeding is a fantastic way for mother and baby to bond. This is a special bond that no other caregiver can have; not even the father one who contributed 50% of the DNA.

As a mother cradles her little one and offers sustenance that no one else can, her baby gets a matchless satisfaction; satiety like no other. This is much the same for mommy!

6. With breast milk, you never have to make or prepare a baby’s feed. You don’t have to worry about the kind of water to be used to mix with the formula; you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to “make a bottle”.

For sheer convenience, breast milk is matchless. The baby can get it wherever, whenever and as much as he or she desires.


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