Rocket Fuel Found In Baby Formula

bottle feedingA chemical that is an ingredient of rocket fuel has been discovered to make up baby milk, formula products.

Several different popular brands have been found to have the chemical called perchlorate, perhaps suggesting that there is really no totally safe alternative to breast milk.

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) had done a study that showed the amount found is above the dosage that is deemed safe for the adult population.

Baby formula is mixed with water before bottle feeding to babies and it was in this form that perchlorate traces were detected.

America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is very concerned about the findings and considers exposure to this chemical as a very serious issue. Public water supplies have been examined, these include four thousand suppliers whose water serves more than ten thousand US citizens.

Over 160 checked systems were noted to exceed safe levels of Perchlorate, with one third showing a very alarming instance of the substance. The EPA is now considering introducing a safety standard after all this exposure has been seen.

The findings of the CDCP research, was recently published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. As yet, it is unproven whether Perchlorate has any harmful effects, which can cause symptoms in human beings. Although some link to the function of the thyroid, has often been suggested by various scientists in the past.

The fact that this substance is present not only in the Columbia district’s water but also baby formula powder, which obviously cause some concerns and it is likely that some action will be taken.


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