Moms Who Bottle-Feed Put Kids’ Health At Risk

bottle feedingAccording to the new research from UK, many new moms who bottle-feed their children might be putting their kids’ health at risk due to lack of information on proper formula feeding, making mistakes in formula preparation and overfeeding their kids.

23 studies have been reviewed, involving 13,263 people. Moms told that first they put powder in the bottle rather than water, making the formula overconcentrated by 10 to 15 percent.

Some mothers also told that they are packing the scoops tightly while measuring the formula, rather than loosely as recommended. While boiled water within 30 minutes should be used for making formula, one-third mothers were using warm tap water, according to a US study.

Overfeeding is indeed more of a risk with bottle-feeding, the researcher said, because parents have more control than babies do in how much milk the infant gets, which isn’t the case with breastfeeding.

Source: Reuters


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