How To Transit Your Infant Baby From The Bottle To The Sippy Cup?

Infant BabyIt is very difficult for a mother to wean her infant baby from the bottle and transit to a sippy cup.

Though it is difficult, it is very important to do for many reasons. It is hard to know when it is the right time to make this transition.

Most of the children when they are 9 months old have the motor skills needed to drink from the sippy cup.

If you think your infant baby is ready to make the shift from bottle to sippy cup, try filling a sippy cup with water and allow your baby try and drink from it. Don’t expect perfection with the first attempts.

If your child has a habit to bed with a bottle, it makes your infant baby dependent on the bottle and this will make it much harder to take it away. If your child lays down with a bottle, it makes your child more susceptible to cavities at a younger age.

The main reasons to move an infant baby from bottle to sippy cup:

  • If your child drinks from the bottle for longer period’s everyday there is a greater chance of developing tooth decay and improper dental development.
  • With bottle you cannot offer solid foods to your infant baby.

How to break your infant baby from bottle?

  • The per-step to easy weaning from the bottle is early prevention by not putting your child to bed with a bottle.
  • One way to break your infant baby from their bottle is gradually cutting down the number of bottles you give during the day and only offering sippies. This technique works well for those mothers who have patience and time to do it.
  • At the bedtime nursing with a bottle is very soothing. To wean your baby from bottle, offer a bottle that consists of juice they don’t like or water. When they reject it, try reading them a story or putting on a movie for them. This will help them accidentally fall asleep.
  • Follow this step for 4 to 7 days. Your child will know that the bottle has something they dislike and the sippy has something that they love.
  • To wean your infant baby from bottle, you need to choose a sippy cup that is light weight and has bright colors and large handles so that your baby can hold it easily.
  • Offer the sippy cup during snack time or in between feedings.


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