How To Feed Cereals To Your Newborn?

Until 4 to 6 months, mother’s milk is best food for newborn baby.

For at least first 6 months, baby’s nutrients which are very essential are mainly found in mother’s milk.

But, somewhere between 4 to 6 months, your baby will be ready for solid foods. [Solid Baby Food]

For beginning solid foods for your newborn, cereals will be right choice. Cereals provide necessary iron levels when mixed with iron rich formula.

Always remember, start with small amounts. Initially one baby sized bites of cereal is enough. You can gradually increase the cereals to about two spoons per feeding.

Moving to this step of nutrition, introducing cereals to your newborn can be very challenging. To make your job easier, here are few tips for feeding cereals to your newborn.

Position your baby appropriately: You can use highchairs to ensure safety and support for your baby. In addition, it also makes your cereal feeding process easier.

Prepare running cereal: When you are feeding first cereal for your baby, prepare a runny cereal meal for your baby. For 1 table spoon of cereal, add 4 to 5 tablespoons of milk (either breast or regular milk). This can help you to feed easily and also helps in easy digestion.

Don’t store uneaten cereal mix: It is quite obvious that many of you try to store the uneaten cereal mix of your baby for next time feeding. Don’t make this mistake and discard the uneaten cereal after completing the feeding process.


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