Excellent Nutritious Choices For Solid Baby Food

solid baby foodIs your baby a six-month-old boy or girl? This is the time to introduce solid food.

Usually, babies get a rapid burst of freedom when they want nourishment and will turn their nose up at any matter coming towards their mouths on a spoon.

This is a good indication that your baby wants to eat. What foods you can feed your baby?

Foods those are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals:

Vitamin foods:

  • Mandarin oranges are delicious sources of vitamin A and C. Oranges are inexpensive and are soft enough for your baby to chew.
  • If your baby doesn’t want to eat oranges because they are too bitter go for an alternative like canned peaches, which are also soft to eat. Pears tend to be too hard. When buying canned fruit, choose ones packed in a natural juice form rather than sugary ones which your baby doesn’t need.
  • An excellent choice for your baby is banana. At the time of teething, feeding your baby with a frozen banana can give some relief and nourishment at the same time.
  • Great varieties of dried fruits like apricots, plums and cranberries are also good options for baby feeding. Make sure that you check nutrition levels when buying fruit packages for your baby.

Protein foods:

  • For proper protein levels, give your baby chicken nuggets cut into bite-sized cubes for easy consumption. Make sure that you buy a good brand or prepare them on your own.
  • Cheese, cut into small cubes, is also a wonderful source of protein.
  • Yogurt is also an excellent source of calcium and protein.

Carbohydrate foods:

  • Slices of bread and pasta are wonderful sources of carbohydrates which can be safely given to your baby. Tomato sauce on pasta is a good idea, but excess use of pasta can cause upset tummies because of the high acidity in tomatoes.
  • Another carbohydrate food, frozen waffles, is an excellent food for breakfast. Cut them into cubes or give your baby a frozen one if s/he is teething. [Baby teething]
  • Canned vegetables are an excellent food for babies because they are soft to eat. Cooked carrots, corn, green beans and peas are also a wonderful choice. Cook broccoli until it is soft and cut into small cubes.


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