Companies Pushing Sugar/Fat Laced Foods For Babies

baby foodHidden sugar in food is nothing new but a large food company has hit a new low by including more sugar in their brand of baby food than is contained in a calorie rich chocolate biscuit.

Manufacturers of baby foods like Cow & Gate and Heinz of long been seen as reliable companies after decades of marketing, parents basically believe anything that an ad campaign wants to disclose.

However a recent study by the Children’s Food Campaign in the United Kingdom highlights how important it is for consumers to read labels very carefully.

It is found that Heinz sold a range of small cheese biscuits, aimed at the toddler market, which had a saturated fat content that was higher than a McDonalds beef burger with extra cheese.

Looking at over one hundred food stuffs, branded for children in their early years and babies, only fifty percent were significantly lower in sugar, salt and fat. For instance the humble Farley’s rusk, that has been weaning children for many decades, has a shockingly high amount of sugar.

This latest survey comes after a similar one done a decade ago which resulted in the companies being urged by the national Food Commission to address the issue of high sugar levels in baby products.

It is quite obvious that this has been largely ignored and public awareness is obviously the only way of informing parents to the hidden sugar and salt etc. in these products.

The various companies named in the new data have obviously been quick to defend their positions and multi million dollar products. It is all further proof that checking labels is the only way to keep control of over what your children eat.


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