Breastfeeding Will Help Your Child Have a Healthy Weight

If you have been pondering over the fact whether breast milk is of any good for your baby, here is the answer to it.

breastfeedingMany researches and surveys have all turned out in favor of breast milk claiming that the child that is fed with breast milk has 5 times lesser chances of becoming obese.

Further more, it has been proved that the longer the child is fed with breast milk, the better it is for its overall health.

This is why during a study performed in 2010, 17% of the babies were fed with baby food before they reached the age of two months, while 46% of the babies were put through the same process only after the age of four months.

This way it was proved that in the first years of life, the babies nursed by their mothers had the lowest body weight index.

The scientists concluded that the age when the parents start introducing a diversified feeding routine to their baby, is responsible for the weight they will have as adults.

A study made by the British Medical Journal brings out that nearly 5% of the bottle fed babies become obese at the age of six to seven years.

There have been a series of controversial opinions which stated that the breast milk has large amount of toxins. However, the science has stepped in to say that breast milk is definitely better in terms of quality and nourishment in comparison to bottled milk.

Research says that only 22% of the children which are pampered with breast milk for a period larger than three months get obese which is way too less in comparison to the obesity level they attain when breast fed for less than three months.

Breast feeding not only prevents obesity but also serves best in cases of preventing respiratory diseases, diarrhea, and ear and urinary tract problems. It also prevents the future blood pressure issues.


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