Types of Toys to Avoid for Newly Borns

Parents and relatives of newly born babies are a little too excited about the birth and in this excitement they tend to buy a little too many things for the baby. Hundreds and thousands of toys are available in the market for newly born babies but not all of these may be safe for them.

You might buy many things in your excitement and love for the little one but rather than being impulsive, it is wise to first check whether the toy is safe or not. The following are some of the types of toys that you must avoid buying for newly borns.

types of toys to avoid for newly borns

  • The first kind of toy that you must avoid for newly borns is the one which makes too much of a loud noise. In the initial few months, babies must not be exposed to anything which is too loud, let alone toys. Thus avoid buying toys that make any kind of noisy sound. Some examples of such noises are car horns, musical toys, electronic toys etc. If these toys are held very close to the ear, they can damage hearing.
  • Painted toys from which the paint is likely to chip off must also be avoided as these too can be dangerous for the babies and may enter their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Art materials of any kind should also be kept away from newly borns. These products can be introduced at a later stage when the baby is old enough not to take the materials in the mouth.
  • Rattles made of heavy materials or rattles that are too big to hold must not be bought. The baby might hit himself with it or may drop the toy on his face or body. Only light weight rattles that can be easily handled should be bought for a newly born.
  • Stuffed toys of low quality or ones whose fur might come off should also be avoided when shopping toys for a newly born. The fur or hair may enter the mouth of the baby and may prove harmful.
  • Toys which have very small parts should also be avoided as there is a risk of swallowing those little parts. Avoiding marbles, games with balls and other such little stuff is a good idea.
  • Battery operated toys which have exposed batteries must also not be given to newly born babies. Batteries pose risk of leakage and must not be introduced at an early age.


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