Safety Tips for Infants at Play-Time

Babies become more mobile and hard to handle when they start crawling, hence, it’s time to upgrade your safety department during his play-time. Babies always tend to be heading towards trouble and perils once they are out of your sight. So, it might seem difficult to keep them away from any damage while providing them with amusement.

Babies are particularly fascinated by shimmering objects and small items and are inclined to swallowing them when found. A mother’s eye always has to hover over her baby during these times, which becomes very tedious and annoying.

Hence, by this we conclude that reconnaissance of the rooms and baby-proofing them as much as possible is the best way you can get rid of this trouble. Here are few tips you can pursue which will aid the baby in crawling around the house without any apprehension from your side.

tips for infants at play timeBaby Play Safety Tips

The following guidelines listed below can steer you regarding ways to create a perfect baby-proof residence:

Block Dangers

You must remember to block areas or materials in order to prevent your baby’s access to those areas. Always incorporate gates in front of fireplaces, in the top and ending of staircases, and electrical instruments like computers. Also, include adult-only locking system on drawers and cabinets.

Shift Commodities

You must relocate the fragile items, as well as houseplants out of his reach. Also, secure heavy furniture to wall in order to avoid accidental collapse of the items on to her. Put the electrical cords and chargers in drawers and lock them individually to prevent those curious hands from tugging at them.

Avoid Impending Dangers

Babies tend to swallow random items especially small pills and tablets which can be toxic and lethal if overdosed. Always add medicines and small items on your Red List and seclude them in separate drawers to block an easy access to your infant.

Bathroom Danger

After you have done scouting the room, consider not neglecting the bathroom as well. Your baby may have outgrown his old, small baby-tub and is fit to have aquatic fun in the bathtub of the bathroom. Some bathtub rules for infants include NEVER letting your infant alone in bathtub, and employing constraints on some bathtub toys as well.

Regulations of Toys

Always check the Warning label at the back of toys as they involve the age group at which it can be safely used. Buy your little one his favorite toys according to that to ensure his safety while he plays with them.

Regulation of Swings

When you are having fun with him outdoors and cherishing the way she swings to and fro and offers you her sweet giggles, keep in mind to use a bucket seated swing with safety straps for additional precaution. Also, make it a point to check the sandbox for broken glass pieces before she dip her sensitive, small hands in it.

As a responsible parent, you must not allow your little miracle to hurt himself during his fun-play. Hence, the above guidelines will assure your child’s safety in every possible way.


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